Auto Response or Auto Oops

by Apr 27, 20170 comments

Mistakes happen. It’s part of life and we should all get a good laugh out of mistakes. At some point, I hope. Sometimes, a mistake can cost us business. Especially when someone takes the mistake personally.

Auto response is an amazing thing. Whatever automated email program you use, putting a contact in, getting a drip email to start creating a relationship, sending newsletters. It makes your life easier. Unless you forgot what emails are in your program. Then, the person on the receiving end might

  1. Get insulted and not do business with you. (Insane reaction in my opinion, but it is why I am writing this blog)
  2. Laugh hysterically and double check their own auto responder (I strongly suggest this one)
  3. Write a blog so you can do #2

So here is what happened. Ran into someone we know at an association meeting a few weeks ago. We know him, have done business with him, and he has done business with us. “So what’s new…” as we both proceeded to talk about life changes, business changes, and did the exchange of new cards.

A few days later it came. The email. “Great Meeting You,” was the subject line and title of the email. And it was a nice enough email, letting me know all the benefits of his company. Good information. But I could not get past the “Nice to Meet You.”

The moral of this blog is to know what you are communicating and to whom. Take a moment to review your auto responder every now and then. Pop off a personalized email first and then start your auto response with what would be email number 2.

Mistakes WILL happen. Our job is to try and minimize them by being aware of what is being sent out on our behalf.