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Real Results For Our Clients

When your computer doesn't work, you don't work.

Your business STOPS when the computer does work. Whether it's an outside force, like the internet going down, or a problem with hardware or software, we get you back up and working again.

Home computers can't pay bills, help the kids with homework, or find that perfect recipe for dinner.

Let us take care of all your computer needs.


Here Are Few Some Of The Client Projects And The Results 

Network Connection & Documentation

Client: Insurance Company


This insurance company had an ineffective network. Wiring was improperly labeled, connections were not secured and could easily come apart, and there was no room for expansion.


Nick's Computer Guys reconfigured the network, taking into account today's issues and needs as well as tomorrow's expansion. Wiring and connections are secure, so plugs can't accidentally be pulled out. 

We installed the right equipment to do the job, allowing for upgrades, not patchwork.

Our Process

We carefully map out the best solution for your business, both today and tomorrow. Each piece of equipment and their use is considered and the network is put in place.

We then create detailed documentation mapping out all the connections, IP addresses for every computer and piece of equipment connected to the internet, making repairs and expansion a breeze.

Internet Down

Client: HVAC Company

Cox Cable in the Phoenix area went down. Hard. Offices that depended on internet for day-to-day operations were stuck. 

A vehicle wreck took down a pole that led to the thingie that supplied the internet to a 5 square block area of offices and store.

No one was getting online for at least a day while the issue was being resolved. And no one really knew what the issue was.

After calls from 2 separate client businesses in the area, we figure out the problem. The main internet was cut off. However, within 2 hours, we were able to reroute through another ISP and had both clients up and running again. Every business around these two were done for the day and most of the next day. 

We create solutions.

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