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Creating a successful new business launch (Video)

In this video, I'll be discussing several techniques to make sure your new business gets off to a smooth start. Thanks for watching.

Relationship Building Isn’t Sales Pitching

After doing a business expo yesterday, collecting business cards, meeting people who came over to our paid table to sell us their stuff (that’s fodder for another blog) we got ready to do follow up. An important part of networking, but not the topic of this blog. This...

The Power of the Spoken Word

(Or why I enjoy being interviewed) It started with Sister Camille, my first grade teacher at Holy Child Jesus. The comment from my first report card through 8th grade at HCJ always had a line that read “Catherine is a delightful student and very bright. But she is...

Auto Response or Auto Oops

Mistakes happen. It's part of life and we should all get a good laugh out of mistakes. At some point, I hope. Sometimes, a mistake can cost us business. Especially when someone takes the mistake personally. Auto response is an amazing thing. Whatever automated email...

Is Your USP really Unique?

Your USP is your Unique Selling Proposition. Is yours really unique? If you've ever been to a networking meeting or leads club, you've probably done an exercise where everyone states their USP. "Tell us what's unique about you," the group leader asks. "Tell us why we...
It’s Who You Know

It’s Who You Know

Recently, I got to spend time with one of my oldest friends "back east." Not oldest in age – she and I went to high school together, were in each other’s wedding parties. That kind of oldest. Longest I guess. We talked about her children and how they were both looking...

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Take A Risk

First off, I decided on the title “Take a Risk” instead of “Take a Chance” because every time I went with Take a Chance, that darn ABBA song popped in my head. Like it is now. So let me get rid of it by getting back to the blog. On our podcast this week, I was...

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