Fall Down Seven Times – What Superbowl VI Taught Us

by Feb 10, 20170 comments

There is an old Japanese proverb that very succinctly gives us the secret to success, the answer to life’s questions. Fall down seven times, get up eight. That’s it. All of us will fall down in life. Many times. The secret is to get up again and not to stay down.

Love them or hate them, the New England Patriots and Tom Brady got up the eighth time this weekend to make Superbowl 51 a true edge-of-your-seat, break-all-the-records game.

Too often we look at the facts and we decide failure is the only option. It isn’t. Patriots got knocked down a lot in the first 3 quarters. That missed field goal alone would have eventually won it for them without going into the dreaded sudden death overtime.

It started with the Falcons getting onto the scoreboard first. The beating continued into the third quarter with a score of 28 to 3. Ouch. Most teams, most people would have just said, “well, this is good enough. We got here but we can’t possibly win.” After all, the biggest comeback in the Superbowl was only 10 points. After all, there had never been a tie game leading to overtime in the Superbowl. It just never happened. Except it did last Sunday. The Patriots got up the eighth time to make Superbowl history several times over.

What about you? What got you down this week? How many times were you 25 points behind with no possibility of winning? Did you get up or did you stay down?