Is That Really You?

by Feb 18, 20170 comments

Working with a client who happens to be a photographer, the thought came to mind again, as it often does, who the heck do you think you are fooling with that picture of you? You know what I’m

talking about. You pick up a business card or look at the website and on the “About Us” page is a younger version of the person you are having a meeting with. Not a wrinkle on the photo, not a grey hair to be found. (In all fairness, my dark curly locks are still curly. But the dark comes out of a box.)

But while we all still look damn good for our age, whatever age that is, we don’t truly look the same as we did 10, 15 or 20 years ago. We change. Our way of thinking changes, our experiences make us richer and more interesting people. And our look changes, so our pictures should change.

Of course on Facebook and other social media sites, we are going to have younger pictures of ourselves. The good old days, or just the memories. Even business sites, especially if you have been in business for a while, can and should have older pictures of you. But where it matters, on your business page profile, your website “About Us” or bio page, your business cards and collateral materials, STOP USING YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION PICTURE. There, I said it. Embrace the fact that you are older. Embrace living this long, however long that is. Because we all know someone who didn’t. Embrace the you that you have become.

Here is how I see it…if the picture you are presenting, every professional picture you are presenting, came from 20 plus years ago, what else are you hiding? What does it say about

you and the way you do business? I think it says you are putting up a fake front, you are not being your true self.

We all do business with people, not with companies. I want the person I sit down to meet with to be the person I saw on the business card or on the website. That says to me the person is genuine. That’s the kind of person I want to do business with.

So hire a professional photographer, get some new pictures, and update your materials. Because you don’t want potential clients thinking “is this person as fake as their picture?”

PS – If you’re single and on dating sites…the same goes for you, too!