Ignite Your Success Group Program

The truth – most small business owners have a hard time making sustainable income from their business.  We want our passion, from helping people change their lives, to photography, coaching, writing, organizing, or however we serve and support, to become our thriving business.  

When you set out to grow a business, you knew there would be challenges. Of course, there are some unexpected twists and turns and things don’t always turn out the way we thought they would. Just one or two roadblocks you can’t seem to get past is all it takes to derail your business and set you back.  

Tired of coaching programs that don’t give you the strategies you need to really get your business growing? Frustrated with one-size fits all business strategies that aren’t tailored to your unique personality and approach? Hate being lost in the crowd and unable to get the support you need? 

Getting beyond “just getting by” to profitable can be easy and fun. Especially when you work on your business with a group of peers. This combination of group coaching and private calls will get you past the roller coaster to sustained profitability.  

Being part of this amazing program, you will: 

  • Define your Avatar and create your target market. 
  • Build your list and your customer base. 
  • Understand, create, and implement JV partnerships. 
  • Choose the right social media platforms for your business. 
  • Review and revamp your branding. 

Make no mistake – you must be the go-to expert in your industry and this is your ticket…. 

What you get: 

  • Extensive pre-session questionnaire.  
  • Basic avatar creation session. 
  • Two 90-minute group calls per month. 
  • Two  1:1 private coaching calls (30 minutes each) to be used any time during the program.  
  • BONUS: Ask Now™ video coaching for duration of program
  • BONUS: Private Facebook group 

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