This page contains the products and resources that we use and recommend on a daily basis.  You are encouraged to take a look at them and see how they can help your business.

*Some of the links used on this page are affiliate links. Cohen Coaching may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, for purchases made using our links.



We use Kartra for all of our marketing automation. Create complex (or simple) email campaigns, membership sites, courses, products, ecommerce, and automations. If you feel like you are outgrowing your current bulk email provider, or if your campaigns have become too difficult to manage, look no further. Kartra is the bomb-diggity.


Aside from personal legal protection, LegalShield protects our business as well. There is not a contract that lands on our desk, or an agreement made before the attorneys at our local LegalShield law firm goes over it. Any legal questions concerning our business is answered within 24 hours. We cannot recommend this service enough.

Send Out Cards

We know that follow up is the number one issue that business owners face. Whether you know it or not, prospects really want to hear back from you. You’ve attracted the right clients, now keep them engaged. Stand out from all the junk mail by sending them a real live card in the mail. SendOutCards makes it easy and affordable.


AppSumo is the place to go for incredible deals on digital products. The products are usually available for a very limited time, so check often as to what the current listings are. Examples that we have purchased are Webinar Ninja for $49 lifetime subscription, PublBox for $49 lifetime subscription, and DocSketch also for $49 lifetime.


ScheduleOnce is our go-to app for setting appointments. Not only does it tie directly into our Google calendar, but it can also automatically create a scheduled meeting in Zoom. With automatic reminder emails, missed and forgotten appointments are minimized. If the need is there, you can even accept payments right through ScheduleOnce’s appointment page.


Save time and money by connecting with clients and prospects using Zoom for video conferencing. It is a simple-to-use program that allows you to have face to face conversations with one person, or a group of people without having to leave the office. If you’ve had any conversations with us, odds are at least one of them was through a Zoom meeting.


We’re using Pipedrive to take control of our sales & follow up process, and save loads of time on admin tasks. It’s the #1 CRM tool rated by real users, and we think you’d like it too.

Anyone can have a two-week trial, but with our invite link, you get a whole month for free. You don’t even need to enter a credit card.


Collect Powerful Reviews In Less Than 30 Seconds!

This revolutionary review system allows you to get 1,000’s of powerful video, audio, and written reviews in seconds. Reviews are crucial to your business. With everyone saying their services or products are the best and so much competition out there, you need to stand out from the rest.


You may want to do webinars in the future. Or maybe you’re ready to do one right now. WebinarNinja takes the headaches out of webinars. We’ve been using it for years and love it. You will, too!