What’s In A Name?

by Dec 27, 20161 comment

I noticed a trend in businesses lately. More specifically, in business names. I call it the “let me downgrade my competition, while playing off their name, while coming up with something I think is more clever in a name,” syndrome.

I first noticed it with moving companies. The original, I believe, is a certain number of males and a vehicle they use to move you. (Two Men and a Truck). Then came the sort of copy-cats. College Hunks, College Nerds, Skinny Wimp, the list goes on and on. It just seems to me you should come up with your business name as a descriptive, not as a “nah – nah-nah -nah -nah – nah” to your competition. All You Need Moving. Original. Says what they do. And taken by a great guy, Gary Crosby, in case you were thinking of using it.

Another in this trend of repetitive names is the “We Fix Ugly” series. Pools, houses, websites, landscapes – this list goes on and on. None of the companies are related. Someone came up with a catch-phrase and everyone else used it

The trend is either lazy or annoying. Maybe a little of both. It just makes all the companies that try to out do each other seem trite and cliché.

If you are picking a name for your business, pick something with meaning, something that tells people exactly what you do.  And is great when it comes to SEO. (Search Engine Optimization or being found first.) Whether it is your own name, something descriptive,  or something fun and clever, make it your own. We recently went through our own name change and rebranding. While we loved “Fifth Tower Solutions” it told nothing of who we are and what we can do for your business. After working with an amazing branding expert, Debbie Allen, (www.DebbieAllen.com) we became Business Solutions for Growth. The name says exactly what we can do for your business. The SEO is great and we no longer spend 20 minutes just explaining why our name has meaning to us.

So there is something else you need to consider. Does your business name have staying power and does it say exactly what you do? Ours does. And unless you have millions of dollars in a brand awareness budget, Go Daddy, Google, and other such names have no place for the small business owner.

There are plenty of opportunities to show what makes you different than your competition. You will have opportunities to shine and to provide your customers with a unique and amazing product or service. Don’t start on the wrong foot by choosing a name that is little more than a pissing contest of names.

Be original in everything you do. Even if what you do is sort of boring and mundane. Start with your name and your purpose. Because even though Shakespeare said “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” is fine for the rose, but loses its appeal for the lily renamed the “cone rose.”