You’re Not Addicted, You’re in Denial.

by Mar 17, 20170 comments

I enjoyed school and always did well. But where I truly excelled was reading. If there were words, I read them. Summer book club at the library and I got a ton of awards for finishing so many books. Even today I tend to read 2 to 3 books at a time. I enjoy reading. Maybe sometimes, too much. I enjoy researching, reading other’s spins on topics, internet articles. I will read anything to do with business, health, or gardening.

It is a bit of an understatement to say I like information. I will admit that I tend to click on the “get more information” button because, as I mentioned, I like information. That’s where the problems can start, if I let them.

Recently, a client was telling us that she doesn’t have enough time in the day to make follow up calls or train her team. When asked what it is that she loves about her business she replied, “oh the research! It is fascinating to learn about health, about the miracles that a healthy lifestyle can create, how our products can help people get well. I research anything and everything. I’m a research junkie.”

No. Barry and I are research junkies.  We take a finite amount of time each day to read articles, listen to our classes, put webinars on our phone to listen in the car (I said listen, not watch.) But notice the beginning of the last sentence. We take a finite amount of time each day… Finite as in it is a part of the day, but not the entire day.

When you allow every website, every email, every recorded webinar to lead you down an unending rabbit hole, you are not a junkie. You are in denial. You are avoiding the work that will make you money for the pleasure of what you are calling “research.”

There is a point in time when your information starts to contradict itself, and the rabbit hole goes deeper as you try to undo the contradictions with more research. So you don’t pick up the phone, make the one-to-one meeting, or go to that networking event because you’re too busy doing “research.” You avoid the things that make you money and convince yourself you aren’t avoiding anything, you’re just learning more.

Where does it stop? When do you get to work, to making money? A common theme with entrepreneurs looking to work with us is “I just don’t have enough time to…” No, you have time, you’re just wasting it on non-productive activities.

The easiest way to avoid the rabbit hole and get work done is to have a timer. My favorite is the Pomodoro method and you can find many different apps for desktop or your phone. It’s a simple system, list your tasks and assign a number of 25 minute modules to complete the task. For blogging, I usually choose 3 modules of 25 minutes each. In between each module I get a 5 minute break and every 4 modules I take a 15 minute break. This keeps me on task, especially if I am posting to social media, AKA – Facebook rabbit hole.

By making sure I allow enough time to money making activities, like phone calls or doing webinars, and less time to avoidance activities, like Facebook or research, I have better control of my time and my income.

Are you running out of time in your day? Maybe you should reevaluate where you’re spending your time.